Friday, September 24, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons - The quest for a party to play Dungeons and Dragons

It should surprise nobody that I'm a pretty big nerd.

I own every video game console since the NES, with the exception of the obscure (inb4 cd-i). I have Star Wars posters and Force-FX lightsabers. My Bullet Bill tattoo is probably the best thing I have on my body, and that includes my penis.

Therefore, getting into D&D was the next logical step in my nerd-dom, and I promptly rushed out to the stores to pay ridiculous prices for the 4th Ed Player's Handbook, DM Guide and Monster Manual (yes, I know 4th ed sucks and yes I know I could have downloaded them). Nearly wetting my pants with excitement, I flipped through them.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING was what I had revolving around my head the second I closed the book, and the pitch I used when I immediately contacted my closest friends and began to pester them into joining me on my quests.

Three of my friends instantly said yes. I had two maybes and about sixty "No thanks, I actually like getting laid."'s. So, I promptly planned a game at my house a few nights later, with me stepping up to the task of DM (since nobody else wanted to buy the books, much less do the work of a DM). Four of my buddies came over, we set up our flagons of ale, brought out our broadswords made of cardboard, and had a blast.

Unfortunately, that was right at the end of the summer, and now that school has started, everyone works on the weekend. Between that and girlfriends/family, D&D has been firmly shelved.

Looks like I'll reach age 30 before my character hits level 30... though, I should probably be doing something better with my time than bitching about D&D... and yet, here I sit.


  1. I remember when I played DND... Too bad my group disbanded, we had a blast. Traveled through all of Planescape, met with some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse (Dispator really got the better of us this one time :/), lost some good people and met plenty more.

  2. I've tried to play DND but nobody wants to play with me.

  3. I would play with you dude, always wanted to do one of those role playing games. Fuck the haters.

  4. I've always wanted to play too. I've never known people who play that I care for. In early high school I had a chance but I was too cool for that. :(

  5. I need to play more DnD before I lose all my nerd contacts.

  6. I am in a similar situation. one day i hope to meet up with some folks if i can ever find the time. I used to play often and cutesy geek chicks were plentiful in my city plus there wasn't as much of a stigma in playing. i have played with ex cons who swore to me they would play in prison, got their minds off of their incarceration, allowed them to let off some steam and maybe even built a little morale

  7. A great DnD group can forge friendships and stories that will last you a lifetime. A bad one can make you realize how much you hate some of your friends. Either way, still a worthwhile endeavor

  8. I play D&D online via skype and some other stuff. It's not as fun as doing it in person but it takes care of the shakes. I have a Rogue Trader game I do with some bros in person each week.